Sunday, October 18, 2009

Episode 1: Making Muenster

In our first podcast we prove we are real cheesemakers and make a cheese during the podcast. Jeff Cowan joins and helps me make a Muenster styled cheese. We also cover the basics of what it takes to make cheese, and what equipment you need if you are starting out at home.

Credit goes to DeejayDebi on the forum for posting the recipe we used for this podcast. I used her recipe because it looked simple and from her post it looked like a recipe that she has used more than once. Find her post with the recipe here.

Links mentioned on the show:
  • The site lists sources of raw milk all over the USA, and other countires. I used them to track down the raw milk I used to make the cheese in this podcast (which came from Old School Farm, in Redland, OR.)
  • I use to order my cheesemaking supplies.
  • Here is the wikipedia entry on b. linens, which we talk about in the show.
Email us at with feedback and questions for future shows.

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  1. Very good production. I particularly liked the kids at the background. Reminds me my situation. I hope there will be listeners more and more and you will do it once a week rather than once a month. I have advertised it at my ne Artisan Cheesemaker blog (Turkish) at

    1. i have listened to all of you. Just read the comments of others what they say about cheese

  2. Thanks! We have another podcast recorded and will publish it as soon as the editing is finished.

    Maybe you can teach me all about Kefir!

  3. Hi David,
    Dom has written all about there is to learn on Kefir here

    You can also buy from him. Although he is in Australia, he has a pretty good method of sending them...

  4. i have listened to all of you. Just read the comments of others what they say about cheese